Monday, November 27, 2006

My Inner Euphonium

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A euphonium is about the last thing I would have expected to be harboring in my psyche. Heck, we didn’t even have euphoniums in our band; we had baritones. (OK. I've just read the baritone Wikipedia article I linked to and it seems possible that our baritones were actually misnamed euphoniums, if Wikipedia is to be believed, that is.)

The baritone players did tend to fade into the background, as indeed, I have been known to do, so perhaps the quiz isn't as seriously flawed as I was first prepared to think. Plus, come to think of it, some of the funniest, most creative, and quietly subversive kids in band were baritone players. Therefore I will proudly embrace my inner baritone/euphonium/B-flat saxhorn (whatever).

Anyway, there’s really no percentage in rehashing the distant past, but sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if in 5th grade I had answered the question: “What instrument do you want to play?” with “Percussion. Hand over the drumsticks!” In fact, I did write down “percussion,” but I was waffly about it and, yielding to expected gender roles, erased it and wrote "flute." The dumb and insipid flute. I never really enjoyed playing it all that much, and all the flute players were nice quiet girls just like me. Not much scope there. Had I stuck with percussion I would have got to hang out with psychos and smoke weed.

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