Monday, May 19, 2008

Cat Not on a Hot Tin Roof

Day 140/366: Hanging on for Dear Life

Another cat post--two days in a row--because cat blogging is so wildly popular, I know.

Cats are always getting stuck in trees in cartoons and children's storybooks, but I've seldom seen a cat in a tree in real life. Today I did. Doesn't this remind you of the kind of photo that shows up on greeting cards? The kind of card with a lame-ass sentiment like "Hang in there!" I would deem the cheese factor on this photo to be very high if it was on a greeting card, but since I took the photo myself, I think it's fabulous. Plus, this is the perfect metaphor for the kind of day I had today.

In other news, the entire roof of our house was torn off today, and I found out I have a Vitamin D deficiency. It's always something.

Tear Off

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