Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Eight Bucks' Worth of Chips

I went to a Christmas party tonight. Not being organized enough to have actually read the invitation all the way through until half an hour beforehand, I realized that it said to bring your favorite snack and beverage—and being the operative word. Whoops! I had a bottle of wine standing ready, but I had nothing suitably snackish or ungnawed. I couldn’t really show up with one-quarter of a Birdie Num-Nums or leftover coleslaw that has gotten pinker and pinker as the red cabbage has bled into the dressing.

I sat on the bed for a good five minutes trying to decide if I had time to walk to the store, because I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate driving anywhere that is less than a mile away. With 20 minutes to go until the party, I finally got off my duff and walked hurriedly to the store where I snatched up two puny bags of Terra Chips. It cost me $8.00, but I felt that because I hadn't cooked or baked anything, I had to overcompensate somewhat. In retrospect, an economical bag of Rold Gold pretzels would have done just as well.

I got to the party and, unexpectedly, no one was in autoglutton mode. Only about 31 cents of my 8 bucks' worth of chips were eaten and 27 cents of that was my own doing. I ended up carting home $7.69 worth of chips and a 1-pound bag of peanut M&Ms in a festive Tupperware (acquired in the gift exchange). I don’t know when or if I am going to eat this stuff. For someone who claims to care little about holiday activities, this year I have gotten myself quite ensnared. Tonight's party was the third feeding frenzy in so many days and I am going out tomorrow and Thursday as well.

I do love to eat but despite the impression I may give in some of my blog entries, I am not a champion fresser. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I truly am getting weary of eating rich and/or crappy food.


Blogger Paul said...

I love me them terra chips!

Mmmm, vegetables!

12:47 PM  

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