Monday, December 27, 2004

Sloth Fiesta

Sloth Fiesta

I had intended to use part of my four-day weekend to nuke some of the stuff on my to-do list that has been hanging over my head for days, weeks, months, and years (OK, not years) such as:
  • File away gargantuan stack of paid bills and invoices
  • Clear off desk and toss/recycle stuff no longer needed
  • Catch up on my shameful backlog of personal e-mail
  • Pay bills
  • Use the Chandler’s Box to write thank-you note for said unnecessary gift
  • Pick up windfall fir branches in backyard
  • Dust
How many of these tasks did I manage to sublimate off my list? Not a one.

My long weekend consisted of approximately equal parts of lounging on the couch in my Homers, while knitting and listening to the entire David Sedaris box set and taking lengthy walks to counter the amount of time I spent on my arse. To make myself seem less hedonistic and irresponsible, perhaps I should list my accomplishments like this:
  • Listened to a full pound of David Sedaris CDs
  • Walked 15 miles
  • Knit 76 centimeters of scarf
There’s no getting around it--“Sloth” should be my middle name.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about the unsatisfactory title of my blog. Thanks to Betsy, who wrote a blog entry about this title and name generator, I was able to come up with several blog titles that I like very much:

Perky Sloth
Sloth Slop
Sloth Fiesta
Officer Sloth

The best thing is that I didn’t have to wring my own brain cells to think up these names. My mind just doesn’t work that way. Even better, should I ever decide to overhaul my blog and change its name, the Typogenerator--despite its misleading name--can generate endless artsy renderings (like the one at the top of this entry) of any title I type into it. Although "Sloth Fiesta" is the front runner for new title, the way this "Perky Sloth" turned out is making it a close second. (Thanks to Librarianguish for the Typogenerator link.)


Blogger Cagey said...

No, no, no! Knitting Time must always be considered Productive Time! (don't ruin it for the rest of us, you hear?) :-) How else can I justify watching crep TV?

8:27 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Love those Homers!! Hey, give the FedX and UPS guys something to grin about. It would be a good thing..

Sloth Fiesta would be neat. I like it.


5:45 AM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

I do consider time spent knitting to be productive time! No fear! I'm just saying that it's something of a marvel that with four whole days of free time I didn't manage to pay a single bill or move a single no-longer-needed paper off my desk. Next weekend is a three-day weekend, so I've got a second chance!

I still love the Homers! They are more comfortable and cozy than any other slippers I've ever owned--and more fun to look at. Glad you like "Sloth Fiesta." It definitely describes last weekend!

9:00 AM  

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